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Jake, you know what's really odd? DeSantis is the only presidential contender or candidate to openly criticize Trump for his ludicrous operation Warp Speed. His criticism of Trump and his insane fast tracking of the Cv19 vax falls on the deaf ears of probably All of Trump's supporters. I still remember my anger when Trump made his super stupid remark, "You gotta get the shot!" And you can bet Melania Trump was wise enough to say No to any kill shot. Ditto for Baron Trump. After seeing the circus of Trump's white house staff and the betrayals and backstabbing, I lost all hope that Trump would really get much done to drain the swamp. By letting Fauci and Deborah Birx control the national narrative, and giving them center stage from the WH press room, he doomed thousands and millions to a certain death, and many more to permanent injuries to their health and heart with lifelong medical disabilities. I didn't trust him after his arrogant, ignorant remark telling Americans they Had to get the shot. Burn me once, shame on me. Burn me twice, shame on Trump. He'll burn us again if reelected, mark my words.

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